Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October for a Witch

I'm surprised that even though I'm a day late, I've been posting pretty regularly.  A little proud of that (pats back).  

Welcome to October!  A month of tricksters, ghouls, ghosts, and most horrible of all... children begging me for candy... OR ELSE!  

Those little hoodlums will be making the rounds again this year, for their usual extortion of sugary protection bribes.  

All jokes aside.  

I love October.  I'm excited (worried and scared) of focusing all the stories I can write to celebrate this month.  So there'll be more horror, more lore, and maybe a poem or two.  And... hopefully I'll be able to catch up!  

This is dedicated to October enthusiasts!  Hope your excited to celebrate this month!  

10/01/2013 (Tuesday)- October for a Witch

It’s her favorite month of the year.

When green leaves turn yellow sick before becoming orange dead.  When cats walk about making tricks by day, leaving treats by night.  When cloth ghosts walk beside real monsters, going house to house terrorizing inhabitants with demands of sugary treats... or else!

When no one asks why she’s dressed in black with a pointy hat, or what’s the deal with the broom.  When no one asks why she cackles when she laughs, or what’s the deal with green skin and black nails.

It’s the only time of year.

When she can be herself.