Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Pick Up Fifty-Two

Pick up fifty-two is an old prank to get someone to pick up cards off the floor, something I'm sure a lot of us have done before to our friends.  

I think this is a story that hurt the most to write so far, on a personal level.  

This is for the broken hearts, that even if the cards do come down... it's just a game of Pick Up Fifty-Two.  If you end up with less cards than when you started, don't worry about it.  That just means you loved enough to give up a part of yourself.  

I hope everyone's week started right.  Enjoy.

09/30/2013 (Monday)- Pick Up Fifty-Two

We started as children.

We played together, a make believe game of life and love, of clubs and hearts.  It was Ace of Spades high those times.  A boy couldn’t be happier.

We played with a full house every day: You were the mother, I the father, and your rag dolls’ with patched diamond eyes our children.

We grew up.  Fell in love.  We built ourselves a house of cards.

I thought it was real this love of ours.

I remembered...  

... it was all just pretend, when I saw you in his arms.

That’s when the cards came tumbling down.