Friday, October 4, 2013

Non-Essential Personnel

Nothing on the news but the Government Shutdown in America, so I switched it to The Bride of Frankenstein.  I think I'm starting to develop a love for black and white movies.  

Then I remembered an old Igor story written by +Adrianna Joleigh, and wondered if Igor never asked the Doctor for a bride for himself... what would he ask for?  How would Doctor Frankenstein handle it?  

Plus, I got to do another conversation piece!  What fun!  

So it's a return to my favorite type of story, the weird and funny.  

*The picture is from the movie "Young Frankenstein."  (A Mel Brooks movie!  A must watch for all you who love comedy!)

*And here's a link to +Adrianna Joleigh's story that got me to write this story as well as getting my knees flexin' and my arms T-rexin'!  ( 

10/03/2013 (Thursday)- Non-Essential Personnel

“Listen, I’d like to give you what you want but-“

‘Doctor, I didn’t tink it too much to ask.  After all.  You made It a wife.’

“That’s… different.  The poor creature was lonely, a misunderstood human in a world full of monsters.”

‘But, Doctor… look at me.  Look at me.  Am I not a poor creature myself?  I tink I deserve just a little generosity for all my years of service, yes?’

“Ygör, I can’t give you health benefits or medical insurance because of your pre-existing condition.”

‘My hunchback?’

“Sorry.  How about we get a coffee machine, for the breakroom.”