Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Wake

I would have posted this earlier, but as soon as I was done typing it I realized I was too tired to give it a proper editing.  Sorry everyone.  

At first I was hesitant to do a buried alive story, just because I felt it required a lot of setup for it to work.  I'm hoping I got that feeling, and that you all enjoy it.  

A story dedicated to readers who enjoy the creepy dark.


10/02/2013 (Wednesday)- A Wake

You said good-bye to me.

Lining up with them to see my painted face through the coffin’s little window.  I see your tears fall, your lips quivering, and your face painted by relief that it isn’t you.  I scream.  I’m alive!  Let me out!... like the others you didn’t hear me.

You said good-bye to me.

Clods of dirt hit the coffin, its echoes disturbing the dead silence.  I could hear a wailing and gnashing of teeth, but realize it’s just me.  My screams falling on deaf ears.

You said good-bye, but…

I’m alive! 

I’m awake!

... I’ll see you soon.