Thursday, October 17, 2013

Just a Lie

I've been toying around with a Pinocchio story in my head for the longest time after doing the dead fairy story.  I'm pretty happy how this 100 version of it came out, although I am planning a longer version- by longer I mean short story not a book, hahaha!  

Dedicated to storytellers who write lies that become truth for readers.  


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10/17/2013 (Thursday)- Just a Lie

He hovers near the fire of the big metal drum.  

Homeless.  Old.  Tired.

I give him bread to keep him full, he repays me with a story: of trickster foxes and lying cats, of blue fairy lights, of a puppet dancing without strings, and a son’s last wish.

He stops telling his story as silent tears fall from his eyes, washing the grime and dirt away from his cheeks.  He tosses a wooden puppet leg into the dying fire.

As I walk away I could hear him muttering to himself over and over…

It’s all a lie.

Just a lie.