Thursday, October 17, 2013


Updating an old 100 word story again as I continue to go over them.  This one I thought would be appropriate for October as we slowly close in on Costume parties.  

I hope you enjoy this, a new 100 word story will be up later.  

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07/15/2013 (Monday)- Norm

Each morning I stare into my mirror, as a masked face gazes back at me.  It’s a simple mask:  white, smooth porcelain, with two slits for the eyes.  My guardians asked me to wear it, Society demands that I make it a habit.

I’ve forgotten the face under it, I wonder if I truly even knew it.  I can’t remember when I started wearing this mask, when I started hiding myself.

There are people that have taken it off: deviants, heretical freaks, aberrant perverts.  Society mocks them every chance she gets.

I touch my porcelain cheek.  Society slaps my hand.