Thursday, October 31, 2013

Calico Tropes

Another 100 word storytelling to make up for the earlier one which felt more essay type than anything.  Basically all I did all day was help setup decorations, and pick out the best candies not to give out (I like my butterfingers), get my lawn chair ready, a book, and try not to stare at the moms dressed in sexy costumes.  

Happy Halloween!  It's the end of October and the end of another month in my year long project, according to my counter I have 250 days left!  It's been just a little over a hundred days when I started this and I find myself poring over old stories and books for inspiration to new stories.  

I figured as I hit a brick wall (again) today, I may as well turn to Calico for help.  

Not the greatest of ideas.  


10/31/2013 (Thursday)- Calico Tropes

I was sifting old stories through a sieve, breaking them down to bake new ones for the day.  Calico was watching with interest as I brought out my cookie cutter of tropes.

That won’t do.  Breaking them down then using the same old trope.

“The new ones are too expensive.”

Calico sniffed, Back in the day “hands” were good enough.  Let me show you.

He made the strangest most interesting of shapes, as they baked a fresh smell came out unlike any other trope.  I tasted one as soon as I could.

How does it taste?

“…  like dirty cat fur.”