Thursday, October 24, 2013

How to Build a Scarecrow

Another old 100 word story update.  This came about after watching the Wizard of Oz and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas (again!  I'm addicted to that movie).

I believe this is a perfect Halloween story as well, just don't forget the brains after.  


08/18/2013 (Sunday)- How to Build a Scarecrow

1)     A whole skeleton: If one is not found whole, feel free to replace any missing bones with one of a similar build and sex (very important!)
2)     A fresh beating heart, torn out in the light of a full moon. 
3)     Straw:  one or two bales (depending on size of skeleton)
4)     Eyes:  Any will do (Remember: the scarier the better!)
5)     Sack cloth (any type of cloth will do, sack is just traditional) to make the clothes.
6)     A crucifix to hang him in the field.
7)     Hammer and nails.
8)    Hat.
9)     Lastly don’t forget the br-