Wednesday, October 23, 2013

A Pumpkin's Song

Another 100 storytelling  (well poem now, I guess), this is a tribute to all the Pumpkins that will be sacrificed in a few days for the greater good of Halloween (one of the better Holidays, in my opinion).  So I'm looking forward to pumpkin pies all week.  

A not so scary Halloween story for everyone of all ages.  

Happy Halloween!


10/23/2013 (Wednesday)- A Pumpkin's Song

Carve my eyes by candlelight,
Giving sight to the horrors of the night.
A flickering flame serving black smoky words,
Forming tales from the lies I overheard…

Truth be told, I’m only good for a week,
Reeking bad every other day like a dirty little sneak.
My innocent grin t’was made with a file.
Gouged!  Carved!  Cut with a smile!
Orange tears crying each time the file was swung.

Like a trophy I’m displayed,
As tiny little ghouls and fools parade.
How they laugh!  How they shriek!
How they leak as I speak,
Telling stories in an ancient babel tongue!