Monday, October 28, 2013

Herb of the Sun

I knew I wanted to do a flower story, but too many have been done about a rose and other more popular flowers.  So I just let my mind roamed on the internet and found out something about Marigolds that I thought was interesting.  

"Marigold water was thought to induce psychic dreams of fairies..."  

I immediately thought, well this certainly has some psychedelic potential for a story.  

So here it is, a flower/fairy story for a Monday.  I hope it puts a smile on your face as it did mine as I wrote it.  

10/28/2013 (Monday)- Herb of the Sun

Marigold met me by my door, her bright copper face a glowing.  She asked me about my writing, if my stories were still a flowing.  I answered as politely as one can to a talking, smiling flower.

“It’s hard finding stories, I fear I’m running dry.” I shared as water bounced off her pretty petal eyes.

Ah, well since you’re so sweet to me, a gift for you I have.

She bid me come closer, as she kissed each eyelid mine.  The day colors were brighter, at night each star had a different twinkling shine…

… and dreamed of copper fairies.