Monday, October 28, 2013

A Breakup Letter

Well, this is late by a day.  Again I'm so sorry about this delay but I was guilt tripped about not spending enough time with family.  

That has been fixed.  For now.  

So as I spent the day with family I was wondering what to write, needless to say as soon as I got home I flipped on the computer... and stared at a blank page for a good four hours.  

Writer's block!  

Finally I gave up and decided to break up with her.

This is dedicated to all the writers out there.  I'm sure some of you have done the same thing that I've done and called it quits in an abusive writing block relationship.  


10/27/2013 (Sunday)- A Breakup Letter

My dearest,

               We’ve had such wonderful times together.  You keeping me company through the night, silently smiling as I stare at a blank page waiting for the right word to start the right story.  Your sensual siren whispers to sleep- promises of another day, another time to write.

               I’ll remember you each time I smell a cup of freshly brewed coffee, each time I find myself tapping my pen, flipping the page corners of my journal, but I’ll remember you fondly each time I stare at a fresh blank sheet of paper.

               Good-bye my dearest Writing Block.

Frustrated Writer