Friday, October 18, 2013

Conversations in Yerba Buena

Another old 100 word story that I'm updating with a picture.  I thought since a lot of you seem to enjoy my little flash fictions I'd dig up the old stories I haven't updated with pictures that way you can all enjoy them more.  

This was while I was walking around aimlessly for two weeks in San Francisco.  At the time there were two stories bouncing in my head that deep down inside I really wanted to do:  A story about shoes, and a story about pigeons.  I was just so focused on the delicious Asian food and cartoon art museum that I couldn't sit down and find them in me to write.  

I found my pigeon story while walking around Yerba Buena (such a wonderful place to walk, sit down and read a book).  It was purely by accident, a pigeon landed on the same bench I was sitting on and began talking to me in its water gurgly croo-ing voice (as if I could understand her) and then flew away.  

So enjoy this old 100 story as I dream up the latest story for tomorrow.  

A big "Thank You" to all those who have been sharing them as well!  

*picture is originally from (wonderful collection of black and white photography)

08/01/2013 (Thursday)- Conversations in Yerba Buena

Sitting at Yerba Buena Garden I got to meet an interesting person. She tells me how hard life is living in the city, a hectic day of flying around from one point to another, living on the crumbs her bosses give her. It’s hard being a second class citizen in a first world city.

I nod in agreement. It is hard, I tell her, but there are benefits. She tilts her head and looks at me as though I was crazy. Before I could explain the pigeon flew away.

Sighing, I pick up my invisible ball and chain and leave.