Sunday, October 13, 2013

Moving Box

Well back on track again.  Sorry about that hiccup the other day choosing sleep over writing.  I needed the rest that day as I was heading back to work after a double shift.  

Have you ever wondered what's inside those boxes that previous owners leave behind?  Some have been picked up, but then some they just leave behind.  I assume it must have been nothing important, or just something he really needed to pass on.

So here it is.  Me passing what the previous owner left behind.  


10/13/2013 (Sunday)- Moving Box

There’s a heavy box in the attic marked ‘FEARS’ in bold black ink.  I assumed it belonged to the previous owner who would come for it.

It’s been years:  babies, teens, adults, change.

I only saw it again after rummaging for old toys the grandchildren might want, hidden away behind our accumulated boxes of memories and years, covered by the detritus of time and forgetfulness.

It called out to me in a voice of bold black ink.

A siren song which killed many a cat.

I cut the tape and open the heavy box…

...and watched as ‘FEARS’ came out.