Monday, October 28, 2013

Brother's Keeper: The Doctor's Dog

Another old 100 word story getting updated.  Part three of the story between my friend and I.  This one I actually had to edit, a lot of references in the original hinted at an inside joke between my friend and I.

I think I did a good enough edit.  I promise next ones.  No editing.  

And sorry about not having a new 100 word story up the whole day, I'll be putting it up as soon as I'm done hammering it out.  Spent the whole day with family.   

Anyways... until I get the new 100 word story for Sunday up... 


3 Gravedigger:  The Doctor's Dog

As mud in his courtyard pull at my boots I see the shadow of the Doctor’s dog.

He calls himself still a man.

Yet no man is so deformed as him:  hunch of back, bowed of legs, possessing a face that’d petrify the Sisters Gorgon. It isn’t his fault that the Doctor brought him back this way, ‘tis his ill luck that he died by the Doctor’s door.

We call him Ygör now- old tongue meaning cursed… damned. I alone remember his true name.

He comes out from the shadow of the eaves.

Another dog made wet by the storm.