Thursday, September 12, 2013

Wednesday is for the Wicked,

Slept early, woke up late.  So I'm back to being a day late for my project.  I was just too tired from work to stare at a blank paper, but here I am at the start of Thursday just before I head out for classes staring at my eternal foe. 

I'll be posting the Thursday story in a little bit, I don't want to put up two stories back to back right away.  :)  

Yes I've read the book.  Honestly.  I liked it because the male character was so twisted and scarred, but as soon as he got married at the end of the second book I didn't see the point of reading the third.  

Again.  Apologies for being late with the story, I hope you all enjoy my little stories.  I hope you all have a wonderful day.

09/11/2013 (Wednesday)- Wednesday is for the Wicked

There’s a part of me that’s wicked, in nature and in taste.  It takes secret joy from others pain, and laughs at their misfortune.  At night its voice is strong and sweet, by day a careful whisper.

This wickedness is just a part of me, a thing I cannot tame.  Tonight I let it out, to see where it would bring me.

So surprised was I when it took me to the bookstore and made me buy a book.

It cackled and rolled, as the tears flowed freely, as I made the slow painful reading of...

“Fifty Shades of Grey.”