Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tuesday Troubles

I thought I'd dedicate a story to my mother, and to all the readers who are mothers/soon-to-be mothers of little boys.  This is for you, just remember that we don't cause trouble to make you cry.  

09/10/2013 (Tuesday)- Tuesday Troubles

I was a troublemaker when I was a boy: spider-climbing between walls, standing at the edges of buildings, pulling every cats and dogs tail I could.  My favorite, was hiding in the mall from my mother.  I had this blind faith that no matter what, she would find me— despite all the tears it caused her.

Find me she did.  Always.

One day I found the perfect hiding spot.  A moving yellow tent with flower patterns, I hid underneath it.  It was the fastest she discovered me, for the tent started screaming: