Friday, September 13, 2013

Thursday Theatrics

I had this whole other story penned up in my head, one that I'll probably write later on this month, or when the perfect time to share it appears.  

This.  Well... I was in the Symphony Orchestra throughout my school years playing violin, but I've always wanted to be onstage acting with everyone else.  Just my luck that I had stage fright.  

Let me dedicate this to all those who are actually in theater and acting as a career.  Kudos!  Congratulations!  I'm sure you all started out as a tree just like me.  May you continue to make magic, and take us for trips out of our reality.  

09/12/2013 (Thursday)- Thursday Theatrics

There’s magic that happens on stage, one that transports you to worlds beyond the limitations of our own.  You become a different person:  a hero, a villain, maybe even a dodgy old codger spilling pearls of wisdom in the form of crazy beer talk (with spittle).

It’s magic.  An escape from the drudgery of reality, to vistas of imagination.

Naturally I’d try out for class plays, even our annual school plays, just to see if I’d get a part.  I was always offstage, moving props in the dark, but finally I had a part to play:

I became a Tree.