Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Monday Memories

Been flipping through my old sketchbooks to get an idea of what I want to go with for my personal project (alongside this 100 daily project!).

This personal project is something I've been wanting to do for a long time, and I'm hoping I can pull it off without at least looking too much of a fool.  So there's a lot of hesitation on my part right now.  

This story is dedicated to that part of me feeling a little worried (anxious?) with this project.  Enjoy the 100 daily for today!  

09/09/2013 (Monday)- Monday Memories

I found an old sketchbook filled with crayola dreams, and pencil lead fantasies, buried deep in a box of memories.  I flipped through pages, reliving old stories that I couldn’t put to words back then.  Each scribbly cartoonish shape brought up a thousand words of past play.

Blue prints to a tree house with traps, a dragon slaying story (with naturally no princess to save, due to fear of cooties), and a spaceship for traveling the stars.

I relived each squiggly adventure, fought each monster once again, but all I could think of was…

…how much I sucked at coloring.