Sunday, September 15, 2013

Saturday Slumber

Work, work, work.  It's my weekend to work so I haven't really gotten to spend as much time as I wanted staring at a blank page today.  

Honestly, I wish there was a Well of Dreams from which I could draw stories from.  Although I do get some of my better stories after a good nights sleep, especially if it comes with a really heavy dream filled with the weird and strange. 

To those who enjoy my storytelling (the good and the bad), thank you for always coming back and sharing my stories with others.  I hope you enjoy the rest of the weekend before the dreaded Monday comes along!  

09/14/13 (Saturday)- Saturday Slumber

There’s a place I go to whenever I need to find a story.  It’s a Well of Dreams that never seems to run dry, no matter how many times I draw from it.

It’s a ritual place. A magical place.  It, however, demands a price for each story I take from it.  A toll.  A tithe.  One I’m willing to pay.

I crawl to it on my hands and knees once more, begging it for a new story.

I climb up the steep soft cushions of my couch.

Reach into my pocket and pay the toll for dreams…

… Sleep…

… ZzzZzz.