Monday, September 16, 2013

Sunny Sunday Sundaze

I feel like I'm juggling knives and not just projects at the moment, the stress is finally getting to me.  I can even see it in the past few stories that I've written (no excuses), I messaged a friend that I feel like I'm in a slump in my storytelling.

This is the longest I've kept that 100 word daily so far, usually after a few days when I know that I'm in a slump I take a break and just read books, watch movies, do anything but writing.

I feel that if I do that now though I'm only cheating myself and not allowing myself to grow as a writer.  It took me the whole day to accept that there are times where my stories won't be as good as some of my earlier ones, and that I need to stop beating myself up about it... boy, do I have some doozy stories that I have yet to share.

To those that keep track of how my project is going, thanks for enjoying my writing and stories (even the derpy-derpy ones).  Thank you for sharing my blog and posts, hopefully the derpy stories don't make you lose any friends after sharing them.  Enjoy!

09/15/2013 (Sunday)- Sunny Sunday Sundaze

There’s still time, I tell myself choosing to ignore the whining ring of my alarm.  Sundays were made for sleeping in, for introverted hermits in dark dank caves, and for lazy book reading.

I’m a firm believer of combining all three, sleep first, pulling the cover up to block the way too friendly and extroverted Sun.  I fall back to sleep, slowly… going back to my anti-social Cave of Wonders…

I rub an old oil lamp.  A Genie appeared and said, in a strangely familiar voice that seemed distorted digitally…

“You know you’re working today, right?” said Boss-Genie.

Oh.  Shit.