Monday, September 9, 2013

King Clock

I've just been hermitting in my room finishing up editing a friends book, watching time tick by this Sunday.  I went to go to Starbucks and was agitated over how long it was taking just to place an order.  That's basically how the story came about.  

Now that I've finished my friend-project, I'm off doing what I need to do to finish up the one I've started.  I'll post it as soon as I can.  Sorry for the delays.

Enjoy the story!

*Crown - Knurled knob located on the outside of a watch case and used for winding the mainspring. It is also used for setting the hands to the right time and for correcting the calendar indications.

09/08/2013 (Sunday)- King Clock

I made friends with a clock, who only spoke tick-tock, and was always worried about time.  We went for some coffee, but it only made him anxious as we stood wasting time in a line.

“Relax.  Take it easy, we’ll be out in no time.”  I joked as the minutes ticked by.

As our orders were placed, we needed only to wait, however the clock would not.

“You’re burning away time!” he cried in a whine, arms spinning out of control.

His face was a-fluster, his voice full a-bluster!

I took off his crown, and drank my coffee in peace.