Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Liver and Onions/ Cremation vs. Burial

I always have strange conversations with my mother during dinner, we were talking about the pros & cons of cremation and burial.  Yeah, we're a strange family.  

So instead of an actual story, here's a conversation I'd like to share.  Minus the... "Shut up, and just eat." 

*Picture is taken from- A Simple Recipe for Cooking Liver and Onions

09/24/2013 (Tuesday)- Liver and Onions/ Cremation vs. Burial

Mother asked if I preferred cremation or burial, I found this uncomfortable as I stared at the medium-rare liver on my plate.

“Is it for you or…?”

“Well, I prefer cremation.  Just wondering what your take on it was.”

I slowly cut a bloody piece of liver and popped it in my mouth, buying time to find an appropriate answer to a strange dinner question.

“Well, none of the above actually, if possible I’d rather be stuffed for all my future children and grandchildren to enjoy.”

My mother stared at me in shock.

“Or pickled.  I wouldn't mind being pickled.”