Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Southern Ordeal

This story, started out very choppy at the start.  Initially it had a comedy feel to it, and had a few medical terms thrown in here and there (just to put my schooling to use).  A good friend set me straight and pointed out what parts worked and what didn't.  

Initially I was going with another fairy tale horror, but this worked much better than the fairy tale horror (which I've set aside for now, must level up before I tackle it again).  


*Picture is from- Tales From the Darkside: Inside the Closet (1984)  http://reflectionsonfilmandtelevision.blogspot.com/2011/10/tales-from-darkside-inside-closet-1984.html

09/23/2013 (Monday)- A Southern Ordeal

Brother had a job working at the graveyard, quit after a week.  He’d been having trouble keeping a job since, on account o’ him hearing voices and such.  Doctor told him, It’s nothing: auditory hallucinations, your mind playing tricks.  Here’s a prescription.

 It’s only gotten worse.  Brother tells me of shambling horrors, hungry shadows, and a crying child in my closet.  I started sleeping with the lights on.

A few weeks later my brother was dead.  Suicide.  Our family distraught.

I’m seeing the doctor now.

I been hearing someone else crying in the closet.

Not a child.

Not a child.