Monday, September 23, 2013

Hide & Seek

To be honest.  For my last day I did nothing but watch Justice League Unlimited.  All day.  Well... read some stories from Neil Gaiman's Smoke and Mirrors, fantastic read and an amazing author.  

Decided to write a creepy story for today.  Initially I wanted to do something regarding Pygmalion and statues coming to life, which I'm sure will come back someday.  This story seemed to have a little more flesh and bone.  

Enjoy this story as we slowly head to Halloween!  

09/22/2013 (Sunday)- Hide & Seek

I hid a monster under my bed.

I figured, why not?  After all, better to know where the monster is than wonder where it might be hiding.  It was tame, at the time, all it wanted were little lost things to eat: socks, keys, pens, a misplaced toy.  Little things that one usually can’t find easily.

I ignored it and its strange hungry needs.

One day I played hide and seek with my little brother.  I searched and searched all over the house, but all I could find were his shoes by my bed.

I had lost my little brother.