Sunday, September 22, 2013

Carpe diem

Almost the end of my four day weekend.  Just been pouring as many stories into my head as I can.  

So I got hooked by Trickster gods and animals stories.  I'm enjoying how some countries actually see the same animal as a trickster, while other countries/cultures portray them with other animals (well, duh, indigenous).  I'll leave it at that, I'm going to throw myself into reading more about them and their associated folk tales.  

Enjoy my 100 word story, and I hope everyone is having a great weekend.

*Edit:  Adding pictures to old posts.

*Picture is originally from, fantastic artwork.

09/21/2013 (Saturday)- Carpe diem

I spent a potluck evening with tricksters.

The Fox brought pickled herring, his favorite, suggesting that it should be everyone’s favorite.  The Coyote toted a fresh salmon, still flapping about in his mouth, and asked who wanted the eyes to better see secrets.  The Spider carried on its back a basket full of fresh water fish, caught by a web of lies.

They placed the food upon the table, for all to admire their labor and the secrets used to catch them.

“Did everyone really just bring fish tonight?” I said in exasperation, carrying in a pan of tuna casserole.