Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Moon Birthday

I saw the rabbit on the moon as I got out of my car last night, and remembered an old Chinese folk talk of an immortal goddess living on the moon with a jade rabbit.  I couldn't remember the details, and I'd like to believe that she does send out invites for her birthdays to people who like to dream too much.  

*Edit:  Adding pictures to old posts. 

09/18/2013 (Wednesday)- Full Moon Birthday

A jade rabbit greeted me as I got home.  He was dressed in a tux, and four feet tall— quite large for rabbits these days.  Not one to waste time, he tidied up the place while waiting, and prepared some fresh green tea.

You’ve been invited to a party, the Rabbit chittered as we enjoyed the tea.

“Where and when?”

In a dream.  When the Moon is full.  My mistress, Chang’e, would enjoy sharing words with you over cake, mochi, and tea.

"What’s the occasion?”

Ah, well, it’s her birthday.

“Oh.  How old is she?”

I stopped counting after 4,000.