Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Locked and Stored Away...

I got to talking to a friend about old games and toys that we used to play with, especially how good the cartoons were back then:  Duck Tales, Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers, Darkwing Duck, Rocko's Modern Life, etc.  (I might not stop if I continue)

I'm older and wiser, at least I hope I am, but in all honesty I still feel the same way I did back then.  It's all just merely locked and stored away, to better conform with how I'm supposed to act and be in our society.  

It probably shows in my writing and storytelling that I have yet to properly grow up, and I will, in time.  For now, I still feel like playing with my childhood, and letting it take the wheel when it comes to my writing.  

*Edit:  Adding pictures to old posts. 

09/17/2013 (Tuesday)- Locked and Stored Away

I placed my childhood in a chest of blue and gold, locked and stored away, in time to be forgotten.  Old toys never to be played with, old dolls who were more family than friends.

Memories locked away.

In dreams, they would come and we would play once more.  Our playtime and imaginings, just temporarily postponed by the necessity of… “growing up.”

Time stored away.

Gnarled, liver-spotted hands fumble turning the key of an aged blue-faded, gold-peeling chest.  I don’t recognize these hands, but I remember… I remember what I locked away…

… Old dolls and toys.

A childhood in stasis.