Saturday, September 21, 2013

Cat Eyes

I finally got to finish 'Just After Sunset' by Stephen King.  I wasn't always a fan until a friend introduced me to The Dark Tower saga, I only finished the first book and picked up volume 2 recently at the local Barnes and Noble.  I will be reading 'Smoke and Mirrors' by Neil Gaiman first though, I have a soft spot for short stories.  

Definitely more productive than yesterday.  Finished reading a book, picked up two more books to read (The Dark Tower II: The Drawing of the Three and Robert Frost's Poems) to a growing list of books to read.  Wish I could say I did more writing exercises, sadly I didn't.  I got hooked watching Doctor Who.  Again.  

So I spent some time reading Folktales on cats.  The reason for that, well... I got hooked reading a certain webcomic that a friend sent me and the folklore he uses in his story is amazing.  It's called Gunnerkrigg Court (  If you enjoy sci-fi/fantasy types of stories, you can't go wrong with this webcomic.  So this is my attempt at bringing some folk lore into my storytelling.  Enjoy!

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09/20/2013 (Friday)- Cat Eyes

The calico watched as I scurried about finding the right words for my story.  He licked his paws, yawned, and laughed as I fumbled and tripped over grammar and typos.

"What’s so funny?” I barked in frustration while picking up the spilled letters.

You, naturally, the calico sniffed.  I gave you one job, and already you’re having problems.

“… what job?”

What job!  Such a selective memory you have… writing stories!

“… and what do you do, asides from lazing about?”

I catch the setting sun with my eyes, and keep it safe ‘til morning.  Ever since a lion sneezed me out.