Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Calico Gift

Hello, it's Saturday and here's my late friday story.  Sorry for this late post.  The story actually came faster this time around compared to the past few days where I labored staring at a blank piece of paper.  

I've run out of other old 100 word stories (well there are others, but I doubt you would want to read them).  It's going to be a straight two months of writing once I finish up the Saturday story (which most likely will be done by Saturday night).  I wanted to get this out of the way so I could finish a project that I'm doing.  

I'm on the final edits of a book written by a friend of mine.  I'll be posting a link on Amazon and a review on it as soon as I'm done going through it again (which should be in a few hours).

Enjoy the story.  I have a feeling that September will be a cat-fox month.  

09/06/2013 (Friday)- A Calico Gift

I was preparing dinner chopping up some words, when the calico cat dropped in for a visit.  He returned my tongue, satisfied that I had forgotten his secret, apologized for the inconvenience it caused and gave me a gift-wrapped box as an apology. 

“What’s in it?”

“Desire.  Time.  A name.  A dead mouse, maybe?” he smiled a chesire like smile, “You’ll never know unless you open your gift.”

Opening the box I found an expensive looking silver pen. 

“Where- How’d you buy this?” I asked.

“I’m a cat,” the calico sniffed, “I stole it, naturally.

Now, write me a story.”