Thursday, August 29, 2013

Getting Past Hump-day.

My attempt at poetry.  For some weird reason I'm never happy with any of my poetry after writing it.  Will pick up some poetry books to at least have a better appreciation for it.  I plan on catching up with my 100 daily writing, so since I'm off today I'll be posting the Thursday 100 daily later on in the day... After I wake up from my dead sleep.

Here's the 100 daily for Wednesday, an old 100 story, and an old Wacom drawing attempt!  Enjoy.

08/28/2013 (Wednesday)- Bis Memory

There’s a monster in my head. 
Different, and far far worse than ones under any bed,
It bears no fangs, claws, or beady yellow eyes. 
It wears no mangy fur, gruesome scales, or puss-filled pustules. 
It wants not flesh, drinks not blood…
All it be desiring is misery,
This monster in my head. 

There’s a monster in my head. 
It digs up old wounds and hurts- until I see red.
It bears no shape, form, or symmetry,
It speaks mute, yet cackles at every pain.
It shakes in agitation, anticipation…
All it be are memories
This monster in my head.

FU Bunny