Wednesday, August 28, 2013

At Least It's Not Monday...

Had a great time today actually.  Survived multiple scenarios of possible accidents/property damage.  Had a wonderful breakfast at Ted's Luncheonette.  Spent time catching up on some valuable comic book reading/book shopping.  Then spent a good two hours staring at a blank piece of paper waiting for my muse.  Enjoy the 100 daily for today, a not-so-old 100 story, and my attempt at using a Wacom tablet!

08/27/2013 (Tuesday)- Win/Win (?)

Today my grandfather decided to give me tips on properly driving my car, which is stick shift.  He tells me that I should be smoother shifting between gears, and then decides to show me how. 

My grandfather is half-blind (macular degeneration), half-deaf, and more stubborn than a horny teenage bull. 

“Fuck it,” I said as I slid into the passenger’s seat. 

We stopped at every shadow cast by a tree/lamp/house on the street, we almost hit every trash can lining our neighborhood, and jumped at least three curbs. 

He’s happy to finally drive again. 

I’m happy we didn’t kill anyone.  

07/15/2013 (Monday)- Norm

Each morning I stare in to my mirror, a masked face gazes back at me.  It’s a simple mask:  white, smooth porcelain, with two slits for the eyes.  My guardians asked me to wear it, Society demanded that I make it a habit.

I’ve forgotten the face under it, I wonder if I truly even knew it.  I can’t remember when I started wearing the mask, when I started hiding myself. 

There are people that have taken it off: deviants, heretical freaks, aberrant perverts.  Society mocks them every chance she gets. 

I touch my porcelain cheek.  Society slaps my hand.  

"Discount Bungee Jump"