Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Monday musings

A little late for me to post a Monday 100 daily story, but I really had a hard time thinking what to write about... so I basically typed whatever came along, caught the tail end of this and it seemed good enough to keep.  

I've been doing this 100 word story on and off for the past two years, I decided late July that I'll see this one to the end of one year of continuous writing.  I'm finding it hard at this point to consistently dig new stories, and find myself wanting to rewrite old ones.  Anyone else suffer that?  Or am I just crazy?


Going through past stories that have yet to get updated with pictures, or even shared with some g+ communities.  Here's an old post getting a face lift, and a share.  


*picture is originally from http://lordwhitney.blogspot.com/2013/02/the-old-clock-shop.html

08/26/2013 (Monday)- Time Isn’t Cheap

Water rushes over the stones in the stream,
Polishing them to the color of worn pennies.
Nature frames the miser musings of today,
The change tomorrow brings,
And yesterday’s repose. 

The stream burbles along its bank,
A nickel and dime erosion of earth. 
Pebbles and small stones jingle-jangle along as they’re washed away,
 Their sharp edges eroding into smooth rims,
As they tumble in the current to their final deposits. 

Time advances over the stones in the stream,
Her clockwork face smiling as she grinds them down. 
Temporal chronology frames our present,
Uncertainty shadows our future,
Forgetfulness takes our past.