Thursday, September 4, 2014

Hello August My Old Friend

Back after a long time.

Real life got in the way and I had to stop posting for a bit.  (Rest > being up late)

I thought I'd have more time over summer break to get some writing done, and also work on some long over due projects.  Sadly, I didn't even have time for family, for reading (still trying to finish up 1Q84, and Flying Free), for writing.

It's been months since I've actually tried to put anything down, all I've been focusing on was work (trained to work in our sister hospital's pharmacy).  Everything I've written down so far has been on a theme of:  no time for writing.  Damn you my subconscious mind.

Trying to get my head and notes straight for NaNoWriMo.

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05/05/2014 (Tuesday)- Hello August My Old Friend

          I wake to August thunder knocking on my door, his aged booming voice demanding an overdue rent of words and stories.

          You’re late by two months.  You missed your date, his nowhere voice reaching out to me from some nowhere land.

          I pull the covers over my head to soften his demands, bills, ink stained paperwork, and highlighted schedules spilling to a laundry covered floor, ill spent time and uninvited dust covering books I meant to read.

          The alarm clock rings,  Priorities! she screams shrilly over August’s thunder.

          I get up to dress for work.

          August cries outside my door.