Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Recurring Dreams

Another 100 word story.

I haven't had any dreams lately, the ones I do have I usually see this old stone bird bath.  After the ninth time I decided not to have any dreams for a while.

*picture is originally from http://galleryhip.com/famous-surrealist-photography.html

O4/30/2014 (Thursday)- Recurring Dreams

          There’s an old stone bird bath in my dreams, it’s water clean and clear, and every night when I fly by I always wonder why I see no birds.

          I decided on the seventh dream to take a swim.  The water cool to my skin, the stone rough to my hands and feet.  Still there were no birds to join me.

          On the ninth dream I found out why.

          Peeking over the stone rim was a large orange tabby smiling, his sharp little fangs glistening.

          Full of malice.  Full of sin.

          Now I know why I don’t dream of birds.