Saturday, June 21, 2014

A State of Being

Another 100 word story.

There's a decision I have to make, and I've been stalling for the longest time in making a choice.  It's been troubling me, keeping me up late at night, following me in dreams, and making all these cats follow me around trying to give me advice.


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05/03/2014 (Sunday)- A State of Being

          I took a trip with a Bad Luck Cat.

          Through golden fields, under orange skies, and over still oceans.  He was taking me somewhere, and I followed.  Our conversations consisting mostly on the strangeness of everything, and, of course, our favorite fish to eat.

          He told me as we sat at a bench, that we were looking for Definition with a capital D.

          “Definition of what?”  I asked.

          Not of what.  It’s more, I guess, where.

          “So, it’s a place then?”

          Not really.

          “Well.  Are we almost there?”

          He shrugged, You tell me.  It’s your Definition we’ve been looking for.