Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Cat of Many Colors

Another 100 word story.

I'm not sure if Calico is lying to me or not about how he got his coat, but this is what he told me word for word last night before disappearing with the night.


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04/25/2014 (Saturday)- The Cat of Many Colors

          At a time when animals could still speak, when dreams were doors, and little gods fought with each other for our faith.  Calico had an empty coat.

          He figured it needed some color.

          So he sneaked into the dreams of every other cat, stole a patch from each, soaked them in moonlight and stitched them to his coat.

          It’s a very wonderful coat, the cats all agreed.  We’d still like our patches back.

          Calico laughed, jumped, and disappeared with the night:  I’ll return them tomorrow night, I promise!

          So they stayed up every night, waiting for that Calico to return.