Thursday, May 29, 2014

Dealing with Fear

Another 100 word story.

One of my lesser fears, but I guess, still a fear.  I think it started when I first watched Jaws at the age of five, or it could be something other than that.  I've never liked swimming in the ocean/pool by myself at night.


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04/23/2014 (Thursday)- Dealing with Fear

          I was eight when I learned to swim, five when I first watched Jaws, so I knew the secret danger that only children knew of being alone in the deep end of a pool at night.

          Over the years I learned more about them from books and documentaries.  My fear now mixed with fascination.

          I’ve a handle over it now, age and wisdom and all that shite.  Yes, I no longer fear them.  I made a deal you see, I told them:

                     I’ll stay out of your ocean, if you’ll stay out of my pool.

          It’s going swimmingly so far.