Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Dame Fortuna

Another 100 word story.

A long time ago I had my palms read.  My friend, and the girl he liked were with me at the time.  We were all good friends in high school, we went to tour a University with other friends and classmates then decided to do something fun while we were doing all that.

The palmist took my hand and read it.  Told me the usual hulla baloo, and then asked if I had a question.  I decided to ask, just for fun, about this girl I got to like during the orientation.

"Will she say yes if I ask her out?"  I asked.

"Why don't you ask her now?"  She told me, then looked at my female friend.

I laughed and told her I knew it was all just hocus pocus.  Until I saw my female friend blushing and crying.

I later learned that she liked me, but I didn't know when it was right in front of me, and only realized when I was told through mumbo jumbo and tears.

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04/22/2014 (Wednesday)- Dame Fortuna

          The incense coming from her tent in the carnival lured me, her smoky eyes burned me:   For ¢25 I’ll tell you everything hidden within your palms.

          I gave her the quarter and my life lines.

          She ran her soft white fingers over my rough dirty brown palms:  pointed to a long and healthy life, three obstacles to my dreams, and wealth I’ll never have today.

          There’s moreYou will never be happy in life.  Satisfied, but never happy.

          I laughed.  I already knew that.

          She smiled, kissed me on the cheek:  Good luck with your dreams.

          I went home satisfied.