Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Juxtaposed Voice

Another 100 word story.

I find it funny that my coworkers tell me that I have a very Filipino accent, considering that my family think I have a very American accent when I speak with them.  So at certain times, I feel as though I don't quite belong any where.

I'm not sure how to fix this accent, I'm not sure if I should.


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03/20/2014 (Thursday)- My Juxtaposed Voice

          Your Filipino accent is pretty heavy, my coworkers told me as I tripped over words.  So I spent time reading aloud—emphasizing each a-e-i-o-u as I tried to sound less Filipino, more American.  

                    “I live in the land of M-i-lk a-nd H-o-ney.”  

          But still I had an accent, brown like my skin.  

          I called back home, telling them about America—Land of Immigrant Dreams—and how I missed them.  

          Your American accent is pretty heavy, they told me as we said our good-byes.

          Stuck with a voice not my own.