Friday, April 25, 2014

It's Like a Virus

Another 100 word story.

Well I do donate to the red cross during calamities, but the charity I donate a portion of my (meager) earnings is to the Make a Wish Foundation.  So whenever this particular friend asks me, or tags me to something that requires a like for a prayer to save a baby, I get a little bit irritated that for them to actually put an effort into helping someone requires nothing more than a virtual thumbs up to generate a virtual prayer.

So... being the awesome person that I am, I tried explaining to him/her that if they really wanted to do more they could donate, instead of asking for someone to like something for nothing.  Big.  Mistake.  I did not realize how important likes=prayers were as a commodity to their deity.

In the end they cut me off, calling me insensitive to the plights of that particular baby for not giving a like/virtual prayer.

I didn't lose much when I looked back at that friendship.

I only wish there was a way to like his/her unfriending me.


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03/28/2014 (Friday)- It’s Like a Virus

          These little videos/articles/pictures of babies needing help that friends share online with everyone, asking for prayers through likes, and if you choose to ignore it “Oh God!” you’re going to Hell and must hate babies, Jesus, and friendship.

          Tip:  Don’t bother trying to explain offline how likes don’t equate to actually helping the person/problem, that it isn’t the same as donating time/money to a charity.

          But I’m never very good at taking my own advice.

          And I lose another friend seeking existential definition through likes.

          I spent time counting the feels I had left to spend.