Saturday, January 11, 2014

There Goes the Human Race

Another 100 word story.  This is the Friday story, sorry it was a little late I decided to spend time with family and catch a movie with them, "47 Ronin."

It's an OK movie, not something I'd recommend to watch in theater.  More of a rental type of movie for me.
This story came about with that same prompt of "What stories do you want to write before you die?"  I guess I wanted to talk about how we're slowly destroying our own environment, and that we should put in more effort in taking care of it since we only have just this planet.  (We're not exactly an interstellar colonizing race.  yet.)

Do I do my part?  I try.  I'm not perfect, but I do try.


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01/10/2014 (Friday)- There Goes the Human Race

               We took the forest from them. 

               Their homes.  Their food. 

               Their way of life. 

               We pushed the animals out from their quiet verdant abode.  Cut the trees.  Burned the ground.  Moved earth and stone and blood.  Poured cement and steel and plastic.  Turned their rivers into sewers, turned their children into our food, made clothes out of their flesh. 

That’s progress.  That’s cuisine.  That’s fashion.

Now where trees used to be, rise our own victories.  Grey towers.  Concrete jungles.  Fast-food billboards. 

Then the new animals moved in. 

Worried not about their own extinction. 

That’s a problem for the next generation.