Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Greyhounds of Derby Lane

Another 100 word story.

This came about as we went by a dog track as we drove around wasting time.  The lights on the sign basically spelled out:  Greyhounds ---- of--- Derby ---- Lane -----.  I just immediately thought it would make a great title, and a great metaphor (in my head) for the people that go there watching dogs chase a mechanical rabbit.


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01/11/2014 (Saturday)- The Greyhounds of Derby Lane

               They all come for the rabbit.
               Old men in yellow sweat stained attire holding on to tickets and cob-webbed memories of dreams in past daily races.  Looking for lost glories through glaucoma riddled eyes.
Young men who have hit rock bottom, clinging to tickets like rosaries—wooden beads of last hopes and absent dreams, their whispered prayers and easily-broken promises pouring out from helpless lips.
The dogs come because they don’t know any better.
               The dogs come but they don’t understand whispered prayers.
               The dogs come but they hold no sentimentality for cob-webbed dreams.

               They all come for the rabbit.