Sunday, January 12, 2014

In Search of Inner Absurdism

Another extra 100 word story.

I'm a non-practicing Catholic, and this mostly stems from personal experience where as a child most of the questions I asked were met with Have faith, or You have to believe.  The prayers are memorized, our replies to the priest during mass is rote.


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In Search of Inner Absurdism

               I stopped being human on Sundays. 

               I found that on those days when I asked questions looking for inherent value and meaning in life I’ve been dragged to different Churches.  None of which could give me answers to still my confusion, placate my deep-seated curiosity. 

               They told me to have faith, to believe

               or you’ll go to Hell.

               Of course that would freak out the curiosity of any child.

               So, I stopped being human on Sundays. 

               Becoming instead an automaton: kneel, confess, eat flesh, drink blood, pray

               The actions memorized, the words robotic and hollow.

               My prayers and questions unanswered.