Sunday, January 19, 2014

Old Friends

An old 100 word story.

Didn't want to leave for work without leaving a story for all of you.  I'll put up Sunday's story later tonight as it's still just a seed, and I need to see how it turns out after a few more edits.

This is an appropriate story to bring back up as I see old high school friends maturing.


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12/08/2011  (Thursday)  Old Friends

I take a look around me.  The people I knew are gone… in their places are people I know little to nothing about.  We’ve gone our separate ways but at times it seems that our paths are too far apart, too different from one another. 

I look back.  Memories and regrets are all I see sprouting in between the cracks from the pavement I’ve walked on.  I can no longer see where our paths were once joined as one. 

The unknown lies before us- I take a deep breath and steel myself.  Step by step we move on our paths.