Tuesday, January 14, 2014

A Grey Day for Words

Another 100 word story.

In a rush as they called to ask me to come in a little earlier, but I wouldn't be home after my shift to post a story in time for the day.  So here it is, a little bit rushed, a little bit put together.

This perfectly fits the day outside my window.


*picture is originally from http://robertsantafede.com/tag/window/

01/14/2014 (Tuesday)- A Grey Day for Words

               I start out every morning the same way:  staring at a blank page sipping my coffee or tea (depending on the mood). 

               At times it takes just a few minutes, but on dreary cloudy days it takes a little longer.  I’m not sure if it’s because I need more caffeine, or because the picture outside my window is flat and grey. 

A lack of yellow color, a sadder shade of green.

I coax the inky-words out my pen.

               On days like this the words come out hesitant, unsure.

               On days like this they reflect their owner a little too much.