Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Star I Hear Tonight

Another 100 word story.

This is Monday's story which is late due to the reason of being... well... sleepy.  I barely woke up in time to get to work.  It's a little something that pretty much came about as I walked back to the car at the end of my shift and saw just one star in the sky.

Voting is up as well for the Valentine Challenge at the Writer's Gallery.  Check out my submission: A Cup of Wine, scroll down and vote it up if you enjoy it!  Check out the other works that +A Long and +Mallory Terry have up there as well.

Enjoy this little one hundred story, and the link to some awesome poems.

*picture is originally from http://www.watchonepiecepoint.com/category/photography/

01/20/2014 (Monday)- First Star I Hear Tonight


               As the first star blinks awake tonight, as its pearly translucent light reaches your sleeping eyes, you might just hear her sing—a soft whispering song of dreams, of life, of starry starry nights, she sings to wake her brother and sister stars.
               They join the first waking star, a harmony of heavenly voices illuminating the night with their song.  It’s a song that our bones seem to know, a memory we cannot recall at will but hovers at the edges of our dreams.

Telling us… listen.

               Listen to a waking star’s song.

               Listen to dreams being spun.