Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Runaway Life

Another 100 word story.

Making up for the days I was gone from the blog and in bed sick.  This pretty much sums up how I felt, where I just couldn't grab any words and felt that the stories I already had planned to write were leaving me as I lay sick.


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01/29/2013 (Wednesday)- A Runaway Life

My journal stayed closed for three long days. 

               Sitting in a drawer, locked in the dark. 

               I’d hear it as I slept through the night—crying, calling, knocking in the drawer to be let out.  I passed it off as medications tripping me out more than usual.  I covered my ears, closed my eyes, and buried myself in to my slice of perceived reality. 

               It’s only paper and ink.  Nothing more.

               On the last day all was quiet.  I got out of my sickbed, opened the drawer, and took out my journal…

               …and found that all the words were gone.