Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Bitter-Sweet Candy

Another 100 word story.

Going to catch up with Thursday as best I can, making up for the three days I was sick in bed.


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01/28/2014 (Tuesday)- A Bitter-Sweet Candy

               “It tastes like lemon drops,” she said as she picked up a flat stone, flicked it on the lake and watched it bounce on its surface five times.  “That’s what sissy said.”

               She was older, smarter, and could count past her toes.  I told her that Mark said I’d get cooties just from being close. 

               “Who’re you going to believe?  Mark still counts with his fingers and needs help to put on his shoes.”


               “So.  Are you ready?”

               I nodded my head as she reached and held my hand. 

               “Now we wait for it to taste like lemon drops.”