Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Cup of Wine

For the poem contest over at the Writer's Gallery, I wasn't quite sure what to write or how to write it.  If you check out my previous posts on my blog you'll find me playing around with poems a lot, including the spacing, rhythm, and rhyme.

A huge influence for writing the poem this way came from reading the writings of Allen Ginsberg, and Charles Bukowski.  I enjoyed reading them, but I enjoyed listening to them even more.  It was the jive talk of the beat generation poet that hooked me, and the rough gritty voice of Bukowski prose.  So I decided to incorporate those into my submission.

Originally it was going to be three parts, but as I trimmed it down I started noticing that the narrator didn't want to talk much, he just wanted to drink more and forget.  This is more of the narrator being a cautionary tale for his captured drinking audience.

Just click here to read it.

I hope you enjoy this little poem and if you do, please vote it up and share it.

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