Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Ballad of Blue Flowers

Another old 100 word story update.  I have a new story, but currently distracted by family and thus can't seem to edit some bumps properly.  Will have it posted in the morning after I lock myself up to focus.  

Enjoy this old story I picked up while in San Francisco.  

07/29/2013 (Monday)- Ballad of Blue Flowers

Walking down the street of China Town one is immediately captivated by the charm of the red lanterns, the energy of the hawkers, and the smell of food being cooked in soy sauce and spices. 

Through the noise and busy-ness of everything, a piercing eerie song envelopes me. I see an old Chinese man playing a hauntingly beautiful song on a two string erhu. I stop and stare, mesmerized by both the music and the fluid beauty of his arthritic hands finding their notes, his bow moving gracefully back and forth.

A song full of soul. A song of flowers.